Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slow posting

Well things are starting to get cleaned up so our "Before" photos don't look too horrible!  Filled up the back of my truck with two loads of just junk and ready for the next load! 

I had to remove carpets on the main and 2nd floor and the underpad showed signs of staining from cat urine.  The smell was horrible and I still have to go back and scrape off the parts where it was glued to the subfloor. 

I did get a dehumidifier into the house and tomorrow I will get the hose setup so it can run non-stop for the next few weeks just getting the basement into order.

Managed to get some free tiles and a bit of hardwood from my parents since they have spare stuff just lying around the basement.  Why do parents always store all sorts of stuff that they don't actually need?

We are making some big changes in the magnitude of the changes to the kitchen.  Right now there are cabinets and an island which we were going to toss and start over.  Now we think that we can salvage everything and only make a small change to allow for our monster fridge.  We did get great appliances so they will be the focal points for the kitchen.  Now all we need to find is doors for the upper cabinets and a way to remove an old window from what was once the back of the house.  Currently there is a two room addition that is need of some serious support and needs to be jacked up to make it level.

Time to check for estimates for the electrical work....


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