Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Wonderful Thanksgiving....

I really enjoyed making Thanksgiving dinner at our new house. The gas range was installed late Friday afternoon (talk about cutting it close) and it looks fantastic and cooks well too. We made a turkey and just some basic side dishes to keep it low stress. To make the weekend even better the washer and dryer were also installed along with two brand new toilets.

The house finally feels comfortable. There are still tons of reno projects and decorating to do but we sort of know where everything is and can take a bit of time to relax when needed, there is no better feeling.

We even started to clean out the basement (basement=dark and dingy, partial dirt crawlspace, super creepy, fit to be in a horror movie...I am secretly afraid to go down there alone but getting braver. This will be a HUGE HUGE project and one I didn't think we would get to so soon. Since we bought the house power of sale the basement is full of the previous owners stuff ..and the owner before that...and the owner before that. It is overwhelming, my guess is cleaning it out will involve about 7 trips to the dump and 5 days of work. We were rewarded with a few huge scores. Score #1: Finding an old cast iron heat register that should fit in our upstairs bathroom-the current one is badly broken. Score #2: Dark and dingy basement no more. Reno Hunk found a secret hidden light switch which turned on four flourecent light strips that flood the entire basement with light. Score #3: An old broken window which I will use on the second floor patio as a trellis.

What else do we really need to do....get internet access so we can post some pictures!!

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