Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Open Houses and New Ideas...

OK I admit it...I am an Open Houseaholic. Saturday and Sundays are tough days for me as I secretely want to devote a few hours each day to looking at homes. Real Estate agents must hate people like me (but in my defense I have purchased three homes in my lifetime and we are actively looking for a rental property). This Sunday between hours spent cleaning up the backyard and taking the kids out for Halloween we magically had 30 minutes to spare to see two open houses. It was fantastic....and I even came accross a cute idea for our home. Our home is over 100 years old and we are trying to maintain the original charm while balancing the need for modern comfort. One of the open homes had brass dust corners in their staircase corners. I think it would be a nice detail to add to our staircase. It is a bit difficult to visualize but I will take a picture once they are purchased and installed. 


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