Monday, November 29, 2010

OT: Pet Peeves

I am so behind in writing some posts but I figured I would throw this little off-topic post in here!  Today at Lowe's in Hamilton I was in some considerable need to use the washroom.  Now I won't give you all the details but the pet peeve showed up in the stall.  Now at a gas station which requires a four foot piece of wood to protect the key usually still has a toilet seat that is the same shape as the bowl.  But here I am at a public company's public washroom for customers and there is an elongated bowl and a round seat.  Next time I will take a photo but I wasn't in the mood this morning.

The store wants to sell me all sorts of stuff to fix my house and they can't even get the correct shape seat on a toilet bowl.... hmmm.  Anyways I am now off to Home Depot to get some baseboards for the back two rooms as I managed to get a brad nailer this morning from the Restore for $65.

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