Friday, January 7, 2011

Bench - First Woodworking Job

Woodworking isn't as easy as it looks but I tackled my first project.  On the Ana White blog they have plans to create lots of different things for the house using a minimum of tools to create.  We really wanted a bench and shelf for our foyer and she had plans for us to build them.  Of course we wanted the Pottery Barn version but it costs so much for just the bench so I attempted to make it for approx. $100 (paint will get us just over that price).  I still have to make the shelf and will probably need a bit more wood but I won't buy it from Home Depot as the pine was all curved and made the job so much tougher.

It would have helped if I didn't return the mitre saw that I was using as my cuts would have been a bit straighter than me using a circular saw.  Also the design would be better if I mitred the corners instead of just butting them against each other.  In the future I will probably attempt to make this bench again but with better wood and better experience working with wood. 

I will say that everyone out there can do these plans from Ana's blog and you should attempt them.  Consider it a new challenge to tackle something no one thinks you can do.  I am sure your first creation will be as crooked as mine but Reno Chick tells me she loves it so that is all that matters to me.  That and not falling off of it when I attempt to tie my shoes of course!

Here it is in all of its glory but prior to painting and some beadboard that will be the backing for it.  Reno Chick will take care of those little details!  I am sure she will also change the Winter Classic cushions to something a bit more sophisticated.  See what happens if you leave the guy to do the decorating?!

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