Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Window Coverings

We have been living without window coverings for most of the house since we moved in.  That wasn't so bad with the old windows as for some strange reason you couldn't see through them from outside.  It was almost as if the glass was wavy and it blurred us from the outside world.  This was good as I could get changed and not worry about becoming too close to my neighbours! 

Today I got the to-do list and it had mention of putting up our new simple Ikea curtains in the master bedroom and also to put up the old roman blind in the bathroom.  Simple task?  The name "Rookie" was a true statement as I haven't put up curtains before so here is the 1/3 done room and the finished one.

 You can see the shutters that we had to cover up the lower body parts while we dressed.
 Here is how it looks with privacy.

Now the upstairs washroom also has it so RC isn't waving at our neighbours while she takes a bath.  No wonder the guy next door is so nice to me.... grrr. *evil eye looking right at Reno Chick*  Maybe covering the window entirely will be my full solution to this issue.

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