Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Early Valentine's Day

I love to celebrate most occasions at slightly different times so it doesn't feel so commercial.  Or in the case of some events it really saves cash and it feels more real.  It works well if you don't tell the significant other what you are up to and just surprise them when they return from another day of work.  Last night was one of those nights where the flowers were arranged by RC's daughter and me.

As you can see we aren't super skilled at arranging flowers (or in setting a table!) but it still had the intended results of a happy RC.  And in the end that is all that matters to us.  One day we will get to hanging that mirror in the upstairs washroom and it is sitting on our above the range microwave.  No wonder why we didn't post any pictures of this room yet!

Tonight I forgot to take a cool picture of the pot roast that I cooked with all the fixings.  Another super meal where the usefulness of the Lodge 6 qt Dutch Oven really helped.  Who knew that a Dutch Oven was so easy to clean and it is non-stick and goes from stove top to the oven.... thank goodness Julia Child requires this type of pot for so many recipes.  The only problem is that the waistline is going to start to expand since the food tastes so much better than what is available at most restaurants.

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