Friday, January 7, 2011

Our 2011 Goals

We will have many home improvement and decorating projects to tackle in 2011 and it makes us so happy to share and document our adventures. Our detailed to do list is very long but our focus for 2011 will be:

-Having a lot of fun. 
-Taking at least one big trip (preferably to Mexico) and a few weekends away (New York, Chicago, a Golf destination)
-Loving our kids, each other, family and friends. We lost our dear friend this year so 2010 has some awful memories.
-Paint, paint and paint some more will be a major theme. This will be the lowest cost way that we can think of to really freshen up and restyle our place.  There is no surface (including all ceilings) that does not need to be touched.
-Decorate to make this place feel like our home. This is the part that excites me!!!
-Purchase a rental property...heck let's renovate that too.
-Build our investment portfolio which has been depleting over this last year. It's time to focus on saving again.
-Cook at home more often, make sure left overs get eaten and continue the habit of bringing  lunch to work every day.

Happy New Year!!! It's time for us to get renovating again.

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