Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally got the doors up.

We have been quite slow on getting anything done in this new year but that has to change.  Today I decided to put up the doors on the closet in the master bedroom.  Reno Chick was great yesterday at showing me how to put in the first door.

Now all I have to do is find something at Ikea to fit on top of these to extend them to the ceiling.  At least that is the thought right now.  I do have to find a way to build them in so it has a much better finished look.  This will start with the right side which requires new drywall and I will frame it to the ceiling.  Since I have never drywalled anything this is going to be a lot of fun.  Anyone with any helpful tips? Unhelpful tips?!

One other detail that we need to fix is to put some handles on this but I am sure that Reno Chick has something in mind.

I have a little one running around downstairs that is probably hungry so time to find some food and do grocery shopping.  The renovation doesn't stop because it is a PA day!


  1. I'm drooling over all of your storage space!


  2. Have you ever been to the blog Ronce Reno Diary? Check out this post - he installed similar Ikea cabinets with some custom details....

  3. Roncy Vic was one of the first blogs I started to read so I don't know how I missed that post. Now I have a few ideas on how to finish this project.

    Thanks for that heads up Emma.

    Kelly it isn't as much storage space as we require... isn't that always the case.


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