Monday, December 6, 2010

The Back Addition with Before and After Pictures

Kids Play Room Before with smelly carpet

Kid's Playroom with carpet ripped out....smelly couch still in
Some of the Tools used

Kid's Playroom In Progress-Bamboo Floors half in...before crisis
The Dog's Room Before

The Dog's Room-with the beautiful bamboo floors

We have a small addition at the back of our house with two rooms. Our plan was to not get too carried away with spending a lot of money or time on these two rooms. The addition is frankly not that well built and will need some fix ups next year. It does provide a nice amount of extra space; the larger of the two rooms will be the kid's playroom and the smaller room will be our dog's room (dog's have a lot of stuff too). 

RenoHunk had never installed flooring before but he did a great job at learning and the floors look and feel great. He started with the kids playroom as we were lucky enough to get some free Bamboo flooring from his parents. This is where we learned an important lesson...there is no such thing as free. One of the pictures above shows the half way point of the flooring in the kids was precisely at this point that all the other boxes of flooring that we opened up were a different colour. This is another lesson when installing hardwood flooring, open and inspect all hardwood flooring boxes before installing. We spent a few days contemplating what we should do. Since the flooring was from an auction it was not boxed in the manufacturer's box and it is virtually impossible to match flooring between different brands. We made the decision to do the other half of the room with the lighter shade of flooring...this is the kids playroom after all and after we put down an area rug the difference won't be as noticeable.  For the dog's room we were able to pick up some bamboo flooring at the Hamilton Restore for about $100 and I am very happy with the results.

These are the two rooms where RenoHunk has been working on installing the baseboards which is another first for him. Hopefully these two rooms will be fully done within the next few days and we can enjoy the extra space that is so badly needed right now.

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