Monday, December 13, 2010

What a weekend... what's next?

Worked hard all weekend and I am sure that RenoChick will post pics of the floor in the master bedroom from start to finish.  Here are my pics which aren't great because they were taken with my phone.

 This is with only half of the sub-floor installed when we were still looking for the hardwood on Kijiji.  Only 3 more sheets of plywood to cut and screw down.

How it looks this morning....  the few pieces on top is all the leftover wood that we have.  Talk about cutting it close!

Overall, I think the floor looks great and today I will attempt to move stuff into the room so we can start to use it properly.  Right now there is still tape all over the floor which should stay down for a few more hours.  In the meantime I still have 1/4 round to install in the kids play room.  Outside it is snowy so I will set up my mitre saw in the basement instead of in the backyard.  No excuse for no progress with our reno!

One note on using a coping saw that I think will help me would be to purchase baseboards made out of wood instead of mdf.  I found that the mdf really chipped easily and made using a coping saw almost impossible (well impossible for me at least!).  For the master bedroom I have a lot of corners and I would really like everything to look just perfect so wood baseboards it is.  The cost will be worth it when the end result will look so much more professional.

The next big task will be for me to learn how to put down tiles which is for the back hallway.  That way the whole addition will have the floors changed and hopefully that improves the stability of that area of the house.  Right now I have 6 sheets of 1/2" plywood to use to improve the floors but the hallway might need 2 sheets.  What to do with the rest?  Something will have to get figured out as the plywood can't sit in the kitchen forever.

One day this week I think I will drive to the DeWalt store in Mississauga as I would love to find a table saw and a better mitre saw.  Hopefully a refurbished one won't cost too much and I could add it to my tool collection.  On the blog "What's Up Whimsy" they are doing a bunch of blogger wish lists.  So here are pics of my two items.


  1. Nice job on the floor renovation! I am replacing my bedroom's carpet with brand new laminate flooring that I got for a killer price! Hope you get your wish list items for the holidays ;)

  2. I have never installed laminate but I hear it is quite easy to do. Let me know how it goes... and hopefully I find a way to get the tools I want to finish renovating this house!


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