Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa…my holiday DREAM list…

We moved into our home almost three months ago and with the number of projects we need to tackle money is VERY tight this year which means we will not be exchanging gifts (no fun)...so this list is just for fun:

1). Dyson canister vacuum…from all the dirt and sawdust that our house has produced our current vacuum is on its last legs. I have always owned a central vacuum but this would be too difficult to install in our Victorian home so I would like to give a Dyson vacuum a try.

2). A day at the spa…I have a permanently sore back and neck and my hands are in terrible shape from cleaning, carrying, fixing, gutting the house. A day of TLC and the ability to have girl hands again would be a nice change.

3). Photo Frames…lots of photo frames in all different colours and sizes..we have a lot of rooms to fill.

4). Iittala Kastehelmi Bowls. I am originally from Finland and have a number of the Iittala pieces. These bowls would make a great addition to my collection.

Pottery Barn Samantha Entry Way Collection
 5). Pottery Barn Samantha Entryway collection: I would love to pick up these two pieces and they would look fantastic in our foyer....but the price point is much higher than I can justify.  We have been trying to purchase this Grevback hat rack from Ikea as the cheaper alternative but it has not been in stock during the last few visits…they say there are a few somewhere in the store but they have been misfiled and can’t find them.

Ikea Grevback Hat Rack

6). A new pair of Yoga pants from Lululemon…mine did not make it through this latest week of renovation work

And this one is for Reno Hunk, he missed it on his wish list

7). The Big Green Egg: This brings me memories of the week we spent in Muskoka this past summer. RH used the Green Egg to cook every single meal…he even made a pizza on it…delicious.

8). Good wine...and lots of it:)

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