Friday, December 24, 2010

Farley Windows and Energy Performance Ratings

I figured I would put up some info on the windows that we had installed in our house.  The windows were manufactured by Farley and were installed by Home Depot.  We did check on Homestars and the reviews were not favorable so we will keep a close watch to make sure that we got a good deal.  Most of the problems I think would arise from improper installation as I would expect that HD would want things to go smoothly for them in terms of warranty calls.

On every new window you will have a NFRC sticker on it telling you a bunch of energy ratings.  Having never had to purchase new windows for a home before I had no clue what these ratings meant.  So here is the link to get some background info on all the ratings that could be listed on the sticker.  It appears that we purchased quite efficient windows with a low u factor (0.30) and a low solar heat gain coefficient (0.38).  Now if I can tackle the doors in the front and back of the house we might be able to afford heat this winter!

Hopefully this is a good reminder for me on the stats on our windows and also helps out someone else out there who didn't know what those ratings stood for.

Enjoy the holidays everyone.

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