Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay so I thought that putting in baseboards was going to be easy.  First cut ... too short = ugly gap in corner.  No problem it is only the dog's room so put in a small piece to fill it in and it can be covered by some glue and silicon.  Next problem was finding out that one shouldn't mitre both cuts on an inside corner.  I guess room 2 (the kids room) will get this treatment but the dog's room will be poor DIY rookie reno form!

So now I need a coping saw.  Just watched about 10 videos on how to do this correctly so hopefully I can get it right in at least one corner.

Sad day as a rookie reno guy... Renochick is going to be so disappointed.  Just to top things off I now get to get ready to go to the dentist.

The leak on the sink was fixed by putting in a new assembly onto the faucet but it seems quite tight.   Hopefully I can figure out how to fix that while looking up how to make our shower faucet stay connected to the wall.

Renos just have to get done a day at a time and one small job at a time.  So much time and so little progress.  Grrr.



  2. thanks for the support... I need it!


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