Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fixing Squeaky Sub-Floors

So one of the back rooms has baseboards and 1/4" round installed.  Just need to caulk it and it should all look pretty good.

Today I moved up to the master bedroom which needs hardwood installed which means I am going to put down 1/2" of hardwood first.  Well this room was one where the old carpet smelled so bad with cat urine that I had to remove it the day we moved into the house.  Unfortunately for me it appears that there was enough liquid that over time that area became super squeaky.  So I put in a ton of screws to try to reduce the squeaking as much as possible and now with the 1/2" of plywood on top it appears that the squeaks are gone.

I like it when all it takes is a bit more time to get something done to the professional level that we all expect in our homes.  Time for me to get back to putting in more baseboard screws.

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