Friday, December 17, 2010

On to the next problem... fit wardrobe #2

Well I managed to get the wiring problem solved and cleaned up the area a bit so we should be able to get our 2nd wardrobe into place hopefully tonight.

As you can see in the top left of the picture there was a silly plug setup at the top of the old closet area.  I created those two holes in the drywall to figure out where the wire was going.  We have a junction box on the other side of the wall which has 5 sets of wires going into it, so I thought this wire ended there instead of at this plug.  Now the wire is out of the way so the wardrobe can move a bit closer to that wall but I bet I need 1-2 cm to make it fit. Instead of reinstalling a new longer wire I just removed the plug and troublesome wire.  Problem solved.

I didn't mention but I did get the rest of the baseboards and 1/4 round installed in the back rooms of the addition.  So now the dog and the kids will have rooms on the main level to play which should keep most of the brightly colored items in that area.

Also tonight we will get a tree for the living room area and we will have to get that decorated.  Can't wait to see what RenoChick will do to make us have the best tree setup in the neighborhood.  My little one is staying over tonight so I am sure she will want to help. 

On a sad note I didn't remember to buy my tickets to the NHL Alumni game in Pittsburgh at 10 am this morning so we probably won't be able to go which really sucks.  RC and me plan to spend a few days over New Year's celebrating in that other steel city.

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